Fight like a proud American

…in response to @DLeonhardt’s Democrats had a Knife and the GOP had a Gun

by Lonnie Palmer

The mainstream media are totally flummoxed by Trump and his approach to fake news, truth and communication. The election results prove that his approach is winning and that the media’s standard “two sides to every” misguided attempt at fairness never had a chance in today’s internet communications environment.

What we’ve seen is only the beginning as his spokespeople refuse to comment, stall and encourage the public to wait for the master of the universe to tweet his messages from on high. Orwell would have no trouble recognizing what were all witnessing. To the mainstream media: When you’re in a hole stop digging. Yes, Trump is our President elect and soon will be our President but he is also a liar who is about to steal a lot of our money and endanger our security, our environment, our civil rights and in the end our country. Take off the gloves and fight like a proud American who knows the value of truth and justice.

Author: Lonnie Palmer

Author of the solutions-based book "Why We Failed: 40 Years of Education Reform"

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