An unholy alliance

If you think that’s the last time that the unholy alliance between Todd Morgan and Jessie Thomas will create leadership problems for the Rosemont School District, think again. Once two or more uninformed egomaniacs realize they can get what they want by not following the rules of good school board member behavior and by making side deals (You give me this; I’ll give you that.), they are subject to the whims of whomever misinformed them last.

If a parent doesn’t like the basketball coach because his son sits on the bench too much he can call Todd Morgan and see what kind of misery he can inflict on that coach via a politically savvy superintendent who will do anything to save her/his job. And the parent of a disabled child who wants a one-on-one aide for her son can call Jessie Thomas to be  her advocate for that aide.

Before long very local and very messy politics are controlling the school district. School board members succumb to pressures from individuals with an agenda and over time it destroys the leadership culture of their school districts.

Soon individual employees or their unions will be pursuing the school board member “team” route to achieve their goals, and the superintendents and principals will move through the district like a series of revolving doors.

Meanwhile, the district will see the possibilities for real academic growth for students and teachers in the district wither and die. Before long the weakest school districts with this leadership cycle firmly entrenched produce either (1) consistently poor academic performance when compared with similar districts in terms of student demographics, size and financial resources, (2) poor financial health, or (3) both.

Many superintendents who survive in these school districts are complicit in this failure of leadership and manage to remain in their positions by hiding poor academic performance and financial data that might end the entire charade.

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