And so it goes

School board member Todd Morgan played football at Rosemont High School, and they won almost every game with him on the starting team. That’s what he told everyone, anyway. The reality is the team won less than half the time, and Todd spent most of that time on the bench.

For years after high school, Todd supported the Rosemont football program coached by Tom Galvin and later Kevin Talbot. He took over Rosemont Pop Warner Pee Wee coaching duties when his son Brian was seven and moved up the age-level brackets in the Pop Warner program each year with his son.

As one of the Pop Warner coaches, Todd met regularly with Kevin Talbot to make sure Kevin ran the right offensive and defensive schemes to properly train the youngsters for the Rosemont program.

Despite this ongoing working relationship with Kevin Talbot, Todd had concerns about the Rosemont football program. After Tom Galvin moved up to principal and later Tom Galvin moved up to principal and later superintendent and left coaching, Rosemont wasn’t winning as often.

Todd tried to share his concerns with Superintendent Galvin, but Galvin brushed him off with his best smile and humorous response and chalked it up to a bad year.
In seventh grade, Todd’s son Brian was small for his age but fast and a determined athlete. With Brian two years away from high school, Todd decided to run for the school board and “fix the football program.”

He won one of the two vacant seats in the May school board election with 306 votes from a total of 511 cast in a district with a population of 14,000 residents and 6,000 eligible voters, a low level of voter turnout typical for school board elections.superintendent and left coaching, Rosemont wasn’t winning as often.