School Boards and their personal agendas

I had forgotten about Tom Galvin after my retirement until my work as an educational consultant brought me in contact with a member of the Board of Directors for the New York State School Boards Association, Cassie Chairmont, a gossipy woman in her 70s whose entire life revolved around the political issues of the 40-plus school districts near her home in upstate New York.

Chairmont let slip to a group of 25 school board members the details of an ongoing political struggle within the leadership team of Rosemont school district.

“Oh that Tom Galvin at Rosemont is so good looking and charming, but he has his hands full with those two school board members of his,” she said. “Todd Morgan is gunning for the football coach, and Jessie Thomas is going after the high school principal. If Tom isn’t careful they’ll take him out in the process.”

She seemed to revel in the conflict and the small ball political intrigue. I just shook my head and wondered, based on my experience with these issues in multiple districts, what the negative fallout for the district would be.

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