The beginning of the end

Jessie started by saying Superintendent Galvin’s contract would end on October 25th and she wanted to discuss whether it should be extended. She didn’t think it should, she said.
Superintendent Galvin reacted angrily and said he had not been informed of any concerns about his performance and the school board’s intentions not to extend his contract. Jessie said he failed to provide the report regarding honors math she had formally requested be given in March as agreed the previous August.

Todd Morgan jumped in saying he had raised concerns about the football coaching issue on numerous occasions with no action by the superintendent. Jessie requested a motion for the school board to direct the school district attorney to draft a formal letter to Superintendent Galvin thanking him for his years of service to the district and informing him that his contract would not be extended and to make certain this letter reached him in time for him to resign, should he choose to do so, before the 90-day limit in his contract became a legal issue for the school district.

The attorney, who was present at the executive session and who had obviously talked with Jessie in advance without telling Superintendent Galvin, said he would proceed as directed if the school board voted in the affirmative on a motion not to renew Galvin’s contract. The motion was made by Todd Morgan, seconded by Terry Marcus and passed on a 4-3 vote.

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