The rest of the story

Unfortunately, Lois Schafer wasn’t happy. The honors program she “owned” for nearly 15 years was now in shared hands. Her classes were bigger and included students who struggled academically and behaviorally, and she didn’t know how to deal with them. Many ended up in the principal’s office for disciplinary reasons, which reflected poorly on her during her evaluations. She tried to talk to her old friend Tom Galvin about this multiple times but he was having his own problems.

Tom was assistant principal when Lois was hired to run the honors math program and classes 18 years earlier. Tom failed to act when Lois complained. That’s when she turned to Jessie Thomas, repeatedly feeding Jessie information she thought would help her cause.

Meanwhile, Kevin Talbot met frequently with Superintendent Galvin. They talked about football strategy and player assignments. They reviewed scouting reports and game films for upcoming opponents. Kevin relied on Tom’s expertise and guidance.

Tom told Kevin several times that if the football winning percentage for Rosemont didn’t improve eventually Kevin would be out of coaching job. They both knew Todd Morgan was gunning for Kevin.

Kevin tried everything his mentor Tom Galvin suggested but it didn’t result in wins on the field.

Tom Galvin saw the writing on the wall once Todd Morgan’s and Jessie Thomas’ friends appeared on the school board ballots.

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