What not to do

The existing good old boy and old girl networks that are in place around the U.S. now for the selection of superintendents and principals in the pipeline for leadership positions in school districts are woefully inadequate when it comes to selecting the best candidates.
And school board members selecting these superintendents too often operate the same way members of the U.S. Congress operate. They compete for public attention and get it any way they can. Or they come to the job with an ax to grind and they grind it endlessly.

That’s what’s happening in thousands of school districts all over the US. School board members who don’t understand the real priorities of their jobs are interfering where they don’t belong and creating leadership havoc in the process. They’re much better at picking political survivors and administrators who fully understand whose ass they want kissed.

Tom Galvin should never have been seen as a potential school or school district leader and the university that trained him shouldn’t be in the business of training school administrators.

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