What’s possible

In Troy

  • Reorganized the administrative team with 17 new hires and 5 reassignments.
  • Improved academic and disciplinary performance.
  • Established a system for tracking data.
  • Produced a positive fund balance.
  • Significantly increased a crippling Moody’s Bond Rating.
  • Increased the graduation rate 27 percentage points from 57 percent to 84 percent.
  • The result: in two years the high school was removed from Schools in Need of Improvement (SINI) list.

In Albany

  • Passed a referendum to renovate 11 school buildings and rebuild four.
  • Established and restructured five different alternative programs: a high school with individualized academics, a night school to help students complete their high school diplomas, an elementary program for students struggling with emotional problems that interfered with their education, and day and evening adult education GED and vocational programs.
  • Implemented a teaching assistant program that served as a training program for urban teacher.

In Averill Park

  • Increased the number of Advanced Placement (AP) courses taught from two to seven and increased the number of students taking the AP exams more than 400 percent.
    Doubled the number of students taking and passing Regents exams.
  • Implemented an alternative high school program that reduced drop outs by 75 percent.
  • Conducted reform that resulted in The Business Review naming Averill Park the Capital Region’s most cost effective high performing high school.

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