Engineering elections

In the end, Todd Morgan helped his Pop Warner assistant coach Terry Marcus get elected to the school board and Jessie Thomas followed suit and engineered the election of her PTA colleague Helen Pinkus.

Their successful elections were on the same ballot in May near the end of Debbie’s third year as principal. The two new board members were sworn in as required by education law on July 1 at the district’s reorganizational meeting. In a surprise vote Jessie Thomas was elected school board president on a 4-3 vote and Todd Morgan vice president by the same 4-3 vote.

Immediately after these votes and the swearing in of the two new board members, Helen Pinkus made a motion seconded by Todd Morgan that they ask the public to leave the room for a brief executive session.

The superintendent had a clear idea what was happening and objected but Jessie had done her homework well and by a 4-3 vote with “yes” votes from board members Thomas, Morgan, Marcus and Pinkus the public was ushered out of the room and the executive session began.

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